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11 Virtual Birthday Ideas (Classroom Ideas Included!)

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Whether you are teaching virtually or in person, it is SO important to celebrate those student birthdays! Remember how special birthdays were as a kid?? (How many of us now enjoy turning 29 year after year?!) But is it possible to celebrate a virtual birthday? It is! Here are 21 ways to celebrate birthdays, virtually or in person.

Virtual Birthday Celebration Ideas

  • Create a customized presentation slide for each student on their birthday. What a fun way to give them a virtual shoutout!
  • If students are picking up materials from school (or getting them delivered), enclose a birthday crown, pencil, prize, or a personalized birthday prize of your choosing.
  • If you are doing Bitmoji classroom layouts, create a birthday room you can use on each student birthday. It can include birthday song links, a birthday read aloud link, a video message from you, and a link to a birthday themed game (balloon pop, etc.).
  • Do the GoNoodle Birthday song. You can present this during your live meet.
  • Using Flipgrid, have students make a video or sign a message. Share with the birthday student.
  • Mail each student a card in time for their birthday. This requires a bit of planning ahead, but students will cherish it!
  • Have the class sing to the student during a live meeting.
  • Schedule a “lunch date” zoom or google meet with each student on their birthday. (What a great time to get to know each student a bit better!)
  • Use a birthday Jamboard: students will use sticky notes, images or the writing tool to share a birthday message. Don’t want to spend your time making a Jamboard template? Grab our two FREE templates HERE!
Use Jamboard with your students to give the birthday boy or girl a special message!
  • Send out a survey (such as a google form) to each student. It should have questions like favorite food, number of siblings, favorite movie, etc. On each birthday, use their answers for a trivia game for the rest of the class to play! The birthday boy/girl will feel like a star!
  • Have monthly birthday luncheons: once each month have the birthday kids virtually meet with you and have lunch “together”. (There could be a dress up theme!) This will be fun memory.

In The Classroom Birthday Celebrations

  1. Have the special birthday kid choose their favorite GoNoodle for the class to do OR do the crazy fun Birthday song already on GoNoodle.
  2. Create a birthday book: each student will write a special note about the birthday boy/girl. Staple it together and send home for them to read with their family.
  3. In lieu of edible birthday treats, encourage parents to send in a craft, coloring sheet, stickers, pencils, or a book to share.
  4. Have the family call in on Zoom or Google Meet to sing happy birthday. Since many schools are not allowing visitors this year, this will be a special way to include the family in the school day.
  5. If your schedule allows, give your class a little extra recess on each student birthday. (Fresh air is important!)
  6. “For a Day” Rewards: each student will get a special “for a day” privilege on their birthday. Examples: line leader, morning message reader, uses a pen, teacher’s helper, sit in a special chair, board eraser, etc.
  7. Have your class sign birthday cards: at the beginning of the year have each student fold a paper to make a greeting card. They will write their name on the front but leave the inside blank. On each birthday, pass around the card and the whole class signs it. It will become a special keepsake!
  8. Book Share: have the birthday boy/girl bring in their favorite picture book from home. It can be read by the teacher or student (if they are comfortable doing so).
  9. Decorate the student’s desk/locker after school the day before their birthday. What a fun surprise on their special day!
  10. Make a crown or sash for each birthday student to wear.

However you choose to celebrate student birthdays, know that each student will remember it and value the time you took to celebrate them! Want more ideas? Head over to the biggest PLC on the planet…the Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook group!

11 Virtual Birthday Ideas | Whether you are teaching virtually or in person, it is SO important to celebrate those student birthdays!


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