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Teaching Pronouns in 2nd Grade

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Here we are with another post to add to our grammar teaching post series! This time, the focus is on teaching kids pronouns! Kids usually are able to catch on to what nouns are pretty quickly, but pronouns can be a bit more difficult. Read on for tips & tricks to make this grammar skill stick!

What are pronouns?

To put it simply, pronouns take the place of the proper name of a noun in a sentence. This makes it so writing about a noun doesn't sound repetitive. For example, if we are writing a story about Grandma, we wouldn't want to use the word Grandma repeatedly:

My grandma makes the best cookies.

Grandma makes chocolate chip and sugar cookies for the holidays.

Grandma likes to make cookies for my birthday too.

I love helping Grandma bake.

That is a lot of Grandma mentions! Now, check out the same story using pronouns:

My grandma makes the best cookies.

She makes chocolate chip and sugar cookies for the holidays.

Grandma likes to make cookies for my birthday too.

I love helping her bake.

Using “she” and “her” to replace the word “grandma” made the writing sound less repetitive and gave it a better flow.

Pronouns Chart

Use this handy dandy chart when teaching the different types of pronouns. The words for each type of pronoun will be useful to share with your class.

Whole Group Lesson: Introduce an Anchor Chart

When teaching pronouns, try to create an anchor chart as a class, similar to the one pictured below. Another idea is to create student-sized ones for kids to keep handy. Then, they can reference their very own chart when writing independently.

Classroom anchor chart to define what a pronoun is with examples of subject, object and reflexive pronouns and how to use them in sentences.

Make sure to remind students to look at the chart/poster to keep their writing from being boring!

Resources for Teaching Pronouns

Need a little help teaching this skill? Check out the resources below.


This video is an easy to understand and image filled to give a clear introduction to using pronouns.

Who doesn't love to learn using songs?!

This catchy song will be stuck in your head all day!


We have included Amazon affiliate links below. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

This fun book by Nancy Loewen puts kids in the shoes of a pronoun!

This book by Brian Cleary is a great choice if your students love a dash of humor in their lessons!

Centers & Small Group Activities

Practicing grammar skills independently is a must for mastery! (Also these activities could be beneficial in small groups for students who need it!)

1st/2nd Grade Grammar Centers

The “Pronouns Replace It Strips” Center has students replace a proper noun name with a pronoun and record their answers.

pronoun grammar center activity for second grade in which pronoun cards are placed on sentence strips to complete a sentence
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Happy teaching!


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