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Written by: Angie Olson

I JUST FINISHED my Addition with Regrouping Interactive Notebook and let me tell ya…I am so proud of myself on this one!  Before completing this INB, I had 11 Interactive Math Notebooks in my TPT Store.  I love each of them for different reasons but this one is probably the best one I have done yet!  Take a look at all of the activities that are included in this 50 page product!

Story problems…what kids don’t need practice with story problems?  I have included 2-digit and 3-digit story problems to allow for easier differentiation in your classroom.

I also included 2-step story problems both with 2-digit and 3-digit numbers.  I like to use the back side of the flip flaps for students to explain their thinking.

Add Em’ Up Snowmen was a request by some of my Facebook followers.  For this activity the student is given three 2-digit numbers.  They will lift the flip flap, write the equation, and solve.  Fun, right?

I don’t know about your students, but mine love these simple paper/pencil/paperclip spinners!  I incorporated both 2-digit and 3-digit spinners.  This can be played two different ways.  Version 1:  student spins both spinners, writes the matching equation, and solves.  The answer can be checked using a calculator.  Version 2:  Each student has a partner.  Each player spins each spinner and writes his/her equation.  Once solved, whoever has the largest sum receives a point and can highlight their answer as a way of keeping track of points.

Greater than/Less then 100 Flip Flaps are a great way to practice addition with regrouping through the use of 24 different addition problems.  This activity also focuses on number comparisons.

My base ten block regrouping activity was the most requested activity by my Facebook followers.  Thank you Brigette for the original idea!  I think that this provides a great visual for the your students when you are just beginning to learn about addition with regrouping!

Since I feel that story problems are tough for kids, yet very important, I have also included two step story problems in this product.  Of course, I made a set for both 2-digit and 3-digit numbers.

When I begin my addition with regrouping unit, I like to do activities like you see in the picture above.  First, they build/draw the numbers with base ten blocks, add together, decide if regrouping is necessary, and then transfer the drawings into an addition sentence.

Those who have some of my other interactive notebooks know that I love pockets.  My kids do too, which is why I just had to include some pockets in this product too!  For this activity, your students will add math problems that require regrouping and then decide if the sum is odd or even.  I have both 2-digit and 3-digit cards for this activity too.

Here you will see the Spin a Problem game again but this time with those 3-digit numbers that I told you were included.

Yep, more pockets!  This activity has your students solving 2-digit or 3-digit problems and then sorting according to if regrouping was needed or not.  Did I mention that I have answer keys for most of the activities that are included in this product?

Another skill that is tough but essential for kids is breaking down the solving process and writing about it!  I have included some examples of both 2-digit and 3-digit numbers along with a sequential flip flap for your students to explain the steps he/she took to solve the problem.

So, there you have it friends!  Thank you for your constant and continued support with my interactive notebook journey!  I had no idea when I started creating things for a TPT store that I would be THIS IN LOVE with these things!  I realized that they were something to dive into once I got them into the hands of my students about one year ago!  I’d love to hear from you if your students are using these in your classroom too!  I love connecting with other educators around the world!!!



  1. Shar W

    Bought it already and am excited to print it when we return to school on Jan 5…


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