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2014-2015 Classroom Reveal

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IT’S READY!  IT’S READY!  IT’S FINALLY READY!  Wow, after approximately 100 hours of classroom time, lots of Pinterest and blog searching, and many hours of computer creating time, my classroom is finally ready to go!  I can’t believe that after 10 years, it still takes me THIS LONG to get my room ready for the kids!  Did I just say 10 years?  Time flies, I don’t feel like it has been that long!  Okay, here we go!

 Here you see my classroom library and reading focus wall.  This picture was taken from my classroom doorway.  I had my zoom lens on my camera and forgot my other lens at home so this is as far out as I could capture!

 I made these chevron crate seats last summer and they have held up well!  One year in and they are still good to go!  I wish I would have done a tutorial on these seats as I’ve had a lot of questions about how I made these but I direct people to Pinterest when asked.  If you search “crate seats” you will get many search results!  Inside I store office supplies and reading curriculum files.

 These are my students’ Interactive Math Notebooks.  We store them in these containers instead of in their desks so that they last longer.  No, I don’t use composition notebooks simply because of their size.  We don’t seem to have problems with the spiral notebooks falling apart but that is because of where they are stored.  You can read all about my Interactive Math Notebooks {HERE}!

I spend a lot of time in this area of my classroom.  Here is where I meet with my guided reading and math groups.  This year we are doing a Tier Math and Tier Reading Time with all of the second grade students so this space is going to be essential and efficient!  I made the place mat work areas out of construction paper (laminated) and dry erase self-adhesive handwriting paper which you can find {HERE}!

 Here is where we store our writing tools.  I made these labels and hope to have them posted to my store soon!

 I use these tubs to help keep me organized.  Anything that needs to be copied or done by my students go into these tubs.  I did make these tub labels and hope to be posting them in my store soon as well!  You will notice curtains in several of my pictures.  I love FABRIC and VELCRO!  My room may appear super organized but if you pull those curtains off, you will notice my shove, cram, and walk away mess!  SSSHHH…DON’T TELL ANYONE!  🙂

 These binders consumed a ton of my time this summer!  I used to have 8 drawers of files in a file cabinet that I barely ever referenced because they were unorganized, a hot mess, and so full that if I pulled out one file, 3 more usually came with it!  Anyways, 8 drawers, 3 days, 22 binders, a few hundred page protectors, and about 10 garbage bags later, I’ve got a great system ready to go!  I’m excited about these!!!

 Here are my students’ mailboxes.  I purchased this shoe organizer for $40.00 from Walmart and the labels I made myself.  You can pick up these name tags in my TPT Store by clicking HERE!

 Here are my students’ lockers.  You will notice that I use the same name tags as the ones on their mailboxes.  Work smarter not harder, right?

 I made this teacher toolkit 2 years ago and have been very happy with it!  Gone are the days of embarrassment when my para, classroom volunteer, or student teacher have to dig in my messy desk drawers to find a paperclip or row of staples.  Do you see that adorable sign to the right of my toolkit?  Sweet Bridget from Hard Core Teacher Resources made this for me!  She is so creative and she also has an Etsy store where she sells her creations.  Check her out!

 Here is the view from my teacher’s desk (with a zoom lens-sorry)!  I am loving my desk arrangement this year.  Since I got rid of two file cabinets and a table, I was able to organize my desks in a different way this year.  I love that nobody has to have their back to me as I am teaching.  You will also notice how each desk has a name tag on the front of it.  This is my cheater system to help me to learn my students’ names quicker!

If you look closely at the previous picture you will notice these flip charts on my students’ desks.  I purchased them from Really Good Stuff and they will serve as both a student and teacher tool.  On the first day of school, I plan to train my students how to properly use these.  They came with velcro tabs so they are adhered to their desks.  I am hoping that it will help with my shy students who don’t want to raise their hand when they need help.  It will also help me to evaluate how I taught a new skill and who to help first.  If I notice a lot of red charts, this is a sign to me that I need to reteach the skill.

 Here’s another view of my classroom library and writing tools.  The time timer I use constantly throughout the day to show the kids how much time they have for an activity!

 These bath mats are an inspiration from Mr. Greg over at Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  You can read all about these {HERE}.  I am using these as an alternative seating option for students who would prefer to lay down as they work.  I am going to start with six of these learning mats and may have to go back to Target to purchase more if they work out for us!

 My classroom library is organized by their  Accelerated Reading Levels.  My chapter books (far right) aren’t as organized…still a bit clueless on those.  Any suggestions?

 My Objectives Display was inspired by Lindsay over at The Good Life.  I have been wanting to redo this for awhile now so I am glad that I stumbled across her post because I love how it turned out! 

 I completely redesigned my Calendar board for this school year.  My plan is to go through our Calendar tasks while the students have their own markerboard to record their answers.  From time to time I will give them a paper version of our board for them to complete.  This could serve as a periodic assessment of skills.  Each day our number of the day will be displayed.  They will need to represent the number of the day using tally marks, money, ten more/ten less/one more/one less chart, fact family, and base ten blocks.  I attached velcro to the base ten blocks and money for a quick and easy display.

So, there you have it!  My classroom is ready and now I just have to fine-tune my lesson plans so that I am ready to go for my brand new second graders that will be at my door on Tuesday morning!  Good luck to you all on the upcoming school year!!! 


  1. Brandi Reed

    I have to ask, do the student desks not have storage space? If not or if you choose to use the desks backwards how do the students access every day things like pencils, crayons, or scissors? Do you do community supply baskets that you pull out? Love the arrangement and organization!

  2. Lindsey Johnston

    Love it! I'm hoping to get my room clean enough to snap pictures tomorrow! Is the shoebox organizer big enough for papers to fit in? How many compartments are there? I desperately need mailboxes! I organize my chapter books in a couple ways in my 3rd grade room. I have this stand this stand that I got from a Donor's Choose Project where I put all of my books in a series in. Except for my larger collections such as Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones. Then my other chapter books I have grouped by AR reading levels.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Designs for All

  3. Lindsay

    Ahh, love your objective board. Thanks for the shout-out! Your room looks awesome!!

  4. kristie lauth

    I love all of your labels . I found the name tags on TPT but are the supply and round ones somewhere ? It's hard to find cute primary color labels.

  5. Yevette

    I am loving your calender board! Is that available in your shop?

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Yevette!

      Thank you for reaching out, unfortunately my calendar board is not available for purchase. I will add that to my list of potential ideas for the future though! Have a great week!

      Angie Olson
      Lucky Little Learners


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