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Viva Las Vegas!

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It all started just like it did exactly one year ago except this year I was able to go into the TPT Conference Vegas trip with a lot more excitement (which is hard to believe) and a lot less nerves!  Well…a lot less nerves until meeting up with my #bloggybestie Ashley and then realizing that we were ready to start this crazy adventure and vision for stirring up the teaching community through the use of Periscope.  We have been planning this out a few weeks prior to Vegas and knew that Periscope was a potential to show the world true, genuine, authentic personalities, creative energy, and passion.  So, that obnoxious selfie stick came out (my husband is going to die when he finds out I bought one) and we did our very first broadcast right there at baggage claim and the rest is history…

The unexpected response was overwhelming!  We hoped to have had a handful of viewers so we weren’t just talking to ourselves and the truth is EDUCATORS SHOWED UP!  Not only did educators show up but we had a chance to inspire other educators to start the hashtag #findyourtribe  This evolved into grade level hashtag connections #firstgradetribe to regional hashtag connections #aussietribe  If that hadn’t already been such an amazing occurence, it didn’t stop there. TPT headquarters caught wind of this and jumped on a broadcast with us. The Social Media/Community Developer for TPT, Sam Gerard, even reached out to us to help roll out some big announcements for TPT!  My phone has been a nonstop notification alert since that baggage claim scope upon arrival and I honestly don’t have the words that can adequately express the amount of gratitude and inspiration that I have in my heart.  THANK YOU and stay tuned for more Periscope broadcasts from my little hometown in Minnesota…I have more big plans to roll out!  #periscopeteachers

By the way, since getting back from Vegas, we wrote a blog post that provides you with 25 tips to help you flip the camera on Periscope!  The tips are quick and straight to the point!

 Other highlights from this experience include how much Teachers Pay Teachers spoiled us with amazing atmosphere, snacks, and coffee.  Their attention to detail was impressive!

 And then, there’s the connections…WOW!  From the moment I walked into the Venetian to the moment I walked out, the connections, conversations, and hugs that were shared were heart warming!  So often people who don’t know what I do in the blogging/TPT world ask me questions like:  What exactly do you do online?  Do you ever really talk to these people?  How can you travel alone and spend 4 days with complete strangers?  Do you all really like each other as much as the pictures show?  Here’s what I have to say about this.  YES!  I LOVE what I do.  I love my journey.  I love my tribe.  I love the passion and energy.  These connections are very real and genuine.  I love them all.

 There were so many moments that MADE my trip this year but there are three in particular that I want to highlight.  Meet Ashley.  Those who have been reading my blog and following me on Facebook or Instagram know how much I love this girl.  She is a passion filled, energetic, motivated, hard working, beautiful person and she has pushed me to challenge myself in so many ways.  If only we lived closer.  It is crazy to think that we have only known each other for one year.  It also surprises people to know that we live thousands of miles apart!  That being said, I feel like she is a sister tome.  I adore her to pieces and am so thankful that God put her in my life.  We did vow to NOT allow another entire year stand between us so stay tuned as we meet up in Atlanta as we attend a 2-day Ron Clark Academy training and visit.  We can’t wait!  Of course, you can plan to see MANY Periscope broadcasts when we finally reunite and, as you may know, these are not to be missed!  Together we are better!

Then, there’s Miss Amy Lemons.  If you have taught with me over the past 10 years, you know that I adore all things Amy!  She is a genius educator with the most brilliant ideas.  Her blog is inspiring.  Her products never disappoint and have saved me time and time again.  Her commitment to education and her students is something that I strive for every day.  The fact that she found the time to find me to grab this picture means the world to me.  Amy, you are a rock star and I hope you know how much this made little old me feel so incredibly special!

Last but certainly not least, meet the founder of Teachers Pay Teachers, Paul Edelman.  I will be forever grateful for this man.  His dream of creating a positive place for passionate educators to come together not only works but has proven to be thriving!  This company has given me a place where I feel valued and appreciated.  This company has pulled out qualities in myself that I didn’t know that I had.  I feel like I am the best me that I can be and that alone is reason enough to be forever thankful. Paul, your “hunch”, as you like to call it, has been a complete game changer for me.  I am so proud to say that I am employed by Teachers Pay Teachers and I whole-heartedly believe in the #TPTway!

As for the question, what exactly do I do?  I create teacher resources
that can be used with students in and out of the classroom.  I spend
lots and lots of time making the perfect lesson, project, printable, brag tag, interactive notebook, or center activity so that other teachers and students can
benefit.  I attempt to inspire.

I put in my time so that teachers are able to have more time to spend with their family, more time to deepen
relationships with their students, more time to enjoy with their
friends, and less time stressing on making the perfect lesson
to teach students and deepen their level of understanding and learning. Why do I do it?  The answer is simple.  I love what I do.  Period.  Absolutely love.  I can’t wait to reveal all of the plans, new ideas, blog posts, and product lines that I have envisioned for Lucky Little Learners.  Stay tuned for some really great things…


  1. Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    LOVE doesn't even begin to cover it – From the pictures, to your sweet words, to that FABULOUS #periscopeteachers image, to your announcement of our reunion – which I also {of course} shared and from which I GUARANTEED duet style scopes!! – I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS. Thank you for sharing every minute of an UNFORGETTABLE week with me. Love you, girl!!!

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  2. Mary

    Thank you for sharing Vegas with all of us! You and Ashley are inspiring to so many teachers! I can't wait to see your posts from Ron Clark Academy! Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher!

    Teaching Special Kids

  3. amy.lemons

    Girl, you are the rock star! I so loved meeting you!

  4. everything just so

    So disappointed I didn't get to meet you while in Vegas. Thanks for the fabulous Periscope chats – I'm looking forward to more in the future!


  5. Jennifer

    I loved meeting you in Vegas. I too bought a selfie stick and the whole time I was in denial. Sometimes you just need to cave and get one. 🙂 I love they way you put TpT work into words. It's so true. It truly is a passion we all have as TpT sellers.

    Jennuine Teaching

  6. Not JANE

    So glad you helped launch the Periscope party!!! It will hopefully be something that becomes a staple in our way of communicating with buyers AND parents. 🙂 Happy Week!!!

  7. Amy S

    You are amazing!!! Glad we got to chat some at lunch! I absolutely love your enthusiasm for teaching!

  8. Sandy Cangelosi

    Angie, thank you so much for sharing. Those food pictures look so yummy.

  9. One Sharp Bunch by Ashley Sharp

    Oh Angie, you are so inspirational! You are a rock star! It's time to start believing that, girl! You are! You do great things! So happy to have met you, and I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

  10. afirstforeverything

    You know what one of the things I love so much about the TpT conference is? You are surrounded by people who speak the same language, who share the same passion, the same interests and it totally clicks. It's the best feeling ever to be around so many people who just "get" you. You rock, Angie! Thanks for being you!


  11. KinderKapers

    Angie….you are wonderful and so full of energy. I loved reading about your experience. It was so energizing! It brought back all my own feelings from the conference. That may sound funny because it hasn't been that long since we left, but I have been in a math class all week and the excitement and energy sort-of got pushed to the bottom. Reading your post pushed it right back up to the top. Can't WAIT to get started!!

    Terri Izatt

  12. Ashley

    Hi Angie,

    Thank you for the great information on Periscope! I watched your classroom tour today, and was wondering if you created the labels that were on your drawers? If so I would love them! I checked your TPT and did not see them.

    Thank you!

  13. Nancy Wilson

    I loved seeing all of your pictures & the conference was the first time I had heard of Periscope…well, now I am there! I have watched Ashley several times now & I have been seeing your logo {don't you love the Library Fox!?!?~ LOVE my Mini Me!} all over social media! I am sure I will be catching one of your scopes in the next week plus!!
    The Apple Basket Teacher


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