Save Your Broadcasts on Periscope WITH Comments

Save your broadcasts o Periscope WITH Comments!  This quick tutorial is to the point and filled with images to make this process quick and easy for you!
If you’re just joining in on the Periscope fun, Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and I have put together a few posts full of TIPS for you to get started and to help you to  #flipthecamera!
Click below to check out 10 tips for beginners.
Click below to see a list of 25 tips for how to best use Periscope!!
One of the down sides to Periscope is that the broadcasts are only available to be viewed for 24 hours! Yes, you can save them to your camera roll . . . 
But when you save them this way, it only replays the video WITHOUT the comments, and I LOVE to be able to watch it back and see the comments so I see anything that I missed while I was broadcasting – it’s tricky to keep up with the comments sometimes!!  SO I’m here to show you a tutorial of how to save the broadcasts to your computer WITH the comments! 
After Quicktime Player is open, you want to open a New Movie Recording…
Once you open a “New Movie Recording”, it will recognize that your phone is plugged in and it will mirror it!! – You’ll see your phone screen on your computer screen IN THE QUICKTIME WINDOW!
Then – – – open the periscope app using your phone to get to the broadcast that you’re trying to save.
Hover over the Quicktime movie recording window, and a red circle with a down arrow beside it will pop up.  CLICK the down arrow and make sure that you select (check) the camera AND the microphone for your phone! You can see that I selected both for “Ashley’s iPhone”

Then, HIT RECORD in Quicktime so you can record the broadcast that you’re about to play!
Once it’s recording, hit PLAY on your phone in Periscope of the broadcast that you want to save!
It begins to play it back WITH THE COMMENTS and the fun hearts, too!!!
Then!! When your broadcast is finished playing and recording, go to File > SAVE! Save it to your computer, Dropbox, a jump drive, ANYWHERE! You can also export it to YouTube or Facebook, too!!
**PLEASE NOTE!! These broadcasts are only available on Periscope for 24 hours, so if you know that there’s one that you want to save with the comments, go back to replay and record it using Quicktime WITHIN 24 hours before it disappears!! 🙂
If you aren’t already – be sure to follow us on Periscope so we can bring new tips and tricks your way as soon as we learn them!!
Ashley – Mrs. Schroeder
Angie – Lucky Little Learners 
Thanks for joining us on this Periscope adventure!! 🙂 


  1. Kidpeople Classroom

    Hi Angie. I just caught your Live Periscope broadcast. It was great. Love the energy of both of you. I am super new to it. I don't even have myself all set up yet. (And how do people type comments so fast!) You had some great tips for new and not so new bloggers. I have been working on a post on linky parties for over a week now, looking for them, checking to see if they are still active, and adding links. I will continue to add to it to keep it fresh, but I just hit publish as I hate for the work to go to waste. (I really did not get the idea just now from your broadcast!) I love linkys and wanted a handy place to go to. Hope it is useful. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom


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