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My Classroom

PHEW!  It’s ready!  It’s ready!  It’s finally ready!  After many hours and lots of thought and careful planning, my classroom is finally ready for my 2nd graders to arrive!  I can’t wait for them to come in to see and experience their new learning space for the year!

Are you ready for a huge photo dump?  I think this is the most photos I have ever had in a post so let’s get started!

I am so excited about having tables for my students this year!  In an effort to avoid the black hole (a.k.a. messy student desks), I decided to go back to tables.  Before moving to this school, the only thing I knew was teaching from tables and over the past three years, I have missed them dearly.  A slight change for me though are these crate seats.  My sweet hubby made each student a crate seat this year.  This is going to help store my students’ notebooks, folders, books, BEE binders, etc.  Tables are from School Specialty, crates are from Target, fabric from local fabric store, and table caddies from Really Good Stuff.

This will be year #2 with using learning mats in my classroom.  I got the idea from Greg Smedley over at Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  Often times my students are given a choice as to where they want to work.  Some like to lay on the floor using clipboards and learning mats, some like to stand at my counter space, and this year some will choose to work from tables while sitting on a crate seat.  I love to give my students choice!  Learning mats are from Target.

My reading area doubles as a meeting area this year.  I’m really loving the space!  Our new reading curriculum is going to require frequent anchor charts so my easel will be coming in handy quite a bit this year.  The reading posters are from Rachel Lamb over at The Tattooed Teacher and the book bin labels are from my store.

Here’s a closer look at the reading posters…aren’t they adorable?

As we work our way around the room, you will notice my reading focus wall and brag tags on the left. I have displayed my brag tags on a bulletin board under my reading focus wall so that they don’t get tangled.

Under the dry erase board you will find a number line to 120 and this was from my sweet friend Ashley over at Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd.  The number pennants are from the super talented and amazing Amy Lemons over at Step into Second Grade.  The rainbow lights are from the Target dollar spot.

Above my dry erase board are my new alphabet posters.  All the borders that you see in my classroom are from Creative Teaching Press.  The dry erase markers are attached with velcro to keep them out of the reach of my students and to store them at a convenient height for me!  I am going to try out the Target brand of dry erase markers this year…I loved their color choices!

I like to post my learning targets on my dry erase board because it is a convenient place for my students and myself to refer to them.  I also like that I can erase and change them so easily.  I used electrical tape to make the grid lines.

Continuing around my classroom you will see my calendar and math focus wall display.  I’m loving my new vocabulary and strategies pocket chart I have this year.  I also like how I have just enough space for an anchor chart to be displayed.

Vocabulary cards are from Stephany Dillon over at Primary Possibilities.  Strategy cards are
from Amy Lemons.  Calendar display is from Creative Teaching Press.

I got my math stations storage idea from Hope King over at Elementary Shenanigans.  The files are laminated with the top open.  I will be attaching velcro to the front of each file folder so that I can easily change out the station activity and my students will know what is inside of each folder.  The station materials will be kept in a ziploc bag before going into the folder.  The amazing number posters are from my friend Meredith over at Creativity to the Core.

Another thing that I love about my classroom is all of my cabinet space.  I love to use the doors for displaying anchor charts and the doors are just the perfect size!

My rainbow carts are going to be used to store math manipulative again this year.  I have decided to use Stacey’s editable labels for each drawer.  I will be making new labels so that I can label what specific math manipulative is in each drawer.  The colorful pattern bins are from Hobby Lobby.  The rainbow carts are from Menards.  The labels are from Literacy for Big Kids.

Another area of my classroom that I love and spend a lot of time in is my guided reading area.  Benchmark Literacy is the new reading curriculum that we have adopted this year so I will be spending a lot of time with students in the small group setting.

My crate seats are old and probably need to be recovered but I am going to try to get one more year out of them (fingers crossed).  Inside of the crate seats I store some reading curriculum supplies and small group tools.

I changed up my word wall this year and I know I am going to love it.  I used this dry erase board surface and turned it into a word wall by adding grid lines using electrical tape.  The word wall cards can be found for FREE in my store.

This would be the view from my classroom door, near my guided reading area.  This photo makes my teacher heart so happy!

I posted this photo to my Instagram and was surprised by how much attention the chevron border received!  I took a border, put it through the laminator, and then taped it on the edges of this old metal shelf.  Ta-da!  I’ve got a fancy looking shelf!

My mailbox is a shoe organizer that I got from Target about 4 years ago.  I created these editable mini tags that have proven to be very versatile!  We use them for our lockers, brag tag display, crate seats, and partner sticks.

Underneath my mailbox counter, I have my new math tubs.  I think that these are going to be a huge time saver for me this year!  Inside of each tub I have stored my curriculum, lesson plans, stations, interactive notebooks, task cards, and printables.  The math tub labels came from Amy Lemons.

Coming up on the last wall of my classroom, you will see my desk area and closet.  I told you I had a lot of pictures!

My coat closet was covered with contact paper and bordered with a Creative Teaching Press border.  The writing checklist came from my friend Ashley over at One Sharp Bunch.  I love the motivational posters that I received from Creative Teaching Press.  They go perfectly with my classroom theme.

I love my picture collage that I have started behind my desk.  I have yet to add to this collage but it’s a start!

My teacher toolkit has proven to be a huge time saver for me and the adults that work in my classroom.  I like that they don’t have to dig through my messy desk drawers to find a pend or a post it note.  The labels came from Ladybugs Teacher Files.

Behind my desk you will find my birthday display.  Once my students arrive, I plan to take pictures of them holding their birthday number and then putting the picture on their birthday month.  I will update this once I get this finished!

As you may have noticed, I don’t have a file cabinet in my classroom.  Last year I went from two tall file cabinets to zero.  I keep a lot of files on my computer and the rest in binders.  I use sheet protectors so that my master copies don’t have holes in them.  #TYPEAPROBLEMS  I have really enjoyed using this system.  It works great for me!

As we round the final corner, we come to more tubs that store and organize my resources.  These tubs are where the resources for the current unit of study are stored for quick reference.

I think it is very fitting that we end with this photo of a quote I came across and have decided to make this our classroom motto this year.  Work Hard.  Be Kind.  Isn’t that great?  I think it covers everything and I hope that this visual reminder will be a focus for all who enter my classroom.

Thank you for stopping over to check out my classroom reveal post.  I hope you take a minute to follow my blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TPT Store, and Pinterest accounts for more updates as we go into the school year.  I am really excited about my eleventh year of teaching.  I love teaching 2nd grade and can’t wait to share all of the adventures, ideas, and learning we encounter this year!