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“I have been using brag tags in my classroom for 3 years. I wanted to find something to reinforce positive behaviors and was looking for something other than clip charts and sticker charts. I saw Lucky Little Learners post about them on Instagram and I knew this was it! I can’t imagine not having them now! Students work hard to earn them and are still surprised when I hand one out for a new thing I noticed like Peacemaker or Classroom Custodian. We hang them on a ring and add to them throughout the year. Highly recommend for any early childhood classroom!”
Emily I.

“I have been using brag tags in my classroom for the past three years. I use them for a variety of different things. My students love coming each day and seeing what they will be working at to get their brag tag. I have named them Buzz tags in my classroom as we have a Yellowjacket theme. These are an amazing incentive for students. If you’re not using them you need to start.”
Missy M.

“I teach 2nd grade and have been using brag tags for 2 years. I love being able to instantly reward positive behavior and the students like being recognized and getting to collect their tags. Thank you Angie!”
Angela Smith

“Brag tags have been the best thing to hit my classroom in a long time. The excitement and encouragement that these little gems bring to the students is amazing. I have been using brag tags for a couple of years now and I must say students, parents, fellow teachers, and my principal are so supportive and amazed at the positive encouragement these little tags give. The are simple to use and I love handing them out. If you are on the fence about using this tags I would definitely say to jump in and give it a try. Also, Angie is amazing about making any tag that you may need to meet the needs of your classroom. Brag tags and Angie are amazing.”
Sara H.

“I have used Brag Tags for the last 2 years and my kiddos absolutely love them! They enjoy collecting them and proudly wear them on Fridays. They get them for anything from having a birthday to losing a tooth to being a kind friend. There’s pretty much a brag tag for everything available out there! I love to create my own with editable tags so I can have ones specific to our school character traits and expectations in our classroom. The kiddos especially loved the first ones they got with their names on them. I even made ones to go with our different sight word lists and our Super Improvers Wall! If you can dream it up, you can find or create one. They were a labor of love to initially create, but upkeep isn’t much of a problem. When I get low on a specific one, I just print up more! These have been a game changer for me!”
Jennifer Bond

“As a teacher of 27 years, I’ve seen my share of “brand new” and “can’t fail” incentives for positive classroom behaviors not only fail, but fail miserably. Whether it was due to the demographics, support and buy in from the students, etc., they did not go over well. So when I was introduced to Brag Tags approximately 5 years ago, needless to say, I was not impressed. HOWEVER, I was reintroduced to them a few summers ago on the Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook page. What made it different this time? Angie put together various brag tag themes to go with the school year. What a great incentive for politeness, helpfulness, raising hands, etc.”
Kamille V.

“This past August, while preparing to return to teaching after a 7 year hiatus, I came across Angie’s brag tags and have used them ever since! I teach third grade, and the brag tags have been an invaluable part of my classroom management because of their versatility and ease of use. My students have become more confident, positive role models for their peers, and I am able to reach each student where they need encouragement the most.”
Colleen R.

“I have been using Brag Tags (Swag Tags as we call them), for about four years now. I started using them with a class that really struggled with behavior. I was implementing everything I could think of to promote good behavior and not focus on the bad stuff. Brag tags were a huge hit with the kids! It was something I could distribute whole class, when it was earned, or individually. Although I feel as though the individual acknowledgments tend to make more of an impact across the board. When my students see a new tag, they all want to be able to earn it! I will continue to use my SWAG as behavior incentives for years to come. I own all of Angie’s Brag Tags; they tend to cover anything I can dream up! Amongst my favorites are the animal and food puns. My kids really get a kick out of them!”
Lynda E.

“I started using Brag Tags with my students the first day of school this year. They absolutely treasure them! My kiddos can tell you the day and reason they earned each of their Brag Tags. Not only has it changed the behavior in my classroom, but it’s also taught them respect and responsibility. During parent conferences, several of my students asked if I would please show their parents their necklace. That right there says it all. They are so proud of them!”
Jennifer Bateman

“I’ve used many different behavior systems, classroom management techniques, and systems of positive reinforcement. But nothing compares to Brag Tags. It helps highlight the good things that students do, without putting down those that aren’t. It isn’t a punitive system that only focuses on what things students are doing wrong. I love focusing on the positive. It makes for a happier classroom AND teacher!”
Chelsea B.

“I’ve been using Brag Tags for 3 years, and they have completely transformed my classroom behavior. I love how Brag Tags focus on rewarding positive behavior, instead of negative. My students treat Brag Tags like gold, and they get so excited to receive them! The students are so proud of their tags, and they love sharing them with each other, their parents, and even my principal! I will never go back to any other behavior management tool! Thank you, Angie!”
Cassie E.

“I read your post on FB about brag tags. I’ve been using them with my second graders for 2 years. At first, I didn’t think they would catch on. Boy, was I wrong. The kids just love earning them. Students love it even more when I say they can dig in my box for a brag tag of their choice! Really I’m giving them this option because I’m usually busy with another student but don’t want to lose the momentum. The student thinks it’s awesome a brag tag has been earned, and feels it’s a double-bonus to put his/her hands in the box and chose a favorite! If I knew these little laminated pieces of cardstock had so much power, I would have started using them years ago!”
Carol O.

“I love using your brag tags! I’ve been using them for the past 3 years. I implement them in everything. I use them to motivate them in all the subjects I teach and for classroom management. They have created a positive and encouraging learning environment. Thank you so much!”

Linda A.