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Wowie!  Wow!  Wow!  You guys are in for a TREAT!  I have been working soooo hard lately to get all of my interactive math notebooks updated in preparation for my TpT Milestone Announcement (coming Dec. 3rd).  There are 2 of them, in particular, that I am super proud of because the updates are substantial!  First up…

What’s new you ask?  First up, I eliminated the page borders around all of the student pages.  Yes, they were cute but after hearing from YOU and putting some thought into it, they weren’t necessary for the product and they were also an ink waster.  I can definitely empathize with these concerns so THEY ARE GONE!  I also added a few new interactive activities that I know your students will love!

 Is It Correct? is an activity that your students will have fun with!  I have included 16 different money cards.  Your students need to find the sum of the coins and then determine if the sum is correct or incorrect on each card.  Then place in the appropriate pocket.  I have also included blank templates for your students to draw or stamp their own money cards!

 Make a $1.00 is a great activity and visual for your students to grasp equivalent amounts.  Through this activity, your students will learn and see how many quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies equal $1.00.  The coin clip art is also provided!

Lastly, money pockets will be a huge hit with your students.  This activity provides 10 money strips with different coin combinations.  Your students will need to find the sum of the coins and write the total value.  Then they will need to place their money strip in the appropriate pocket depending on if the sum is more or less than 50 cents.

Here are the current interactive notebook activities that are all now found in my Money Notebook and you can get these and the updates for only $4.00!  Next up…

I added 15 more pages to this GEM!  Not only did I also eliminate the borders on the student pages in my Telling Time Interactive Notebook but  I also added…

 I don’t know about you but when we are working on telling time, we break it down by time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and 5 minute intervals.  So… I made an interactive activity for each of these!  This is a great activity for students to “quiz” each other on their time as well!  My early finishers can walk around and show their clocks to their classmates and ask them what time the clock shows.  Just lift for the answer!  Great practice, right?

 I LOVE the way that these Time Pockets turned out!  Your students will be given the opportunity to determine the time on an analog clock and place into the correct pocket.  This is another fun activity to do with classmates!

 Do your students struggle with elapsed time?  I know mine do so I included story problems to help with this skill!  The answer gets recorded in both analog and digital form under each flip flap.

 Draw the Time is an activity where the students read the digital time and draw the clock hands on the analog clock to match the digital time.

What Time Is It? is another super activity that your students will enjoy!  They will read the analog clock time and record the digital time under each flip flap.  Fun!  Fun!

Now you can get all of the above activities PLUS the UPDATE for only $3.00!  That’s a STEAL, right?  If you don’t use Interactive Notebooks in your classroom because you aren’t sure how to organize, store, grade, get started…click on these images for an in-depth explanation!


  1. Angela

    well now I loved these notebooks before and gosh darn it if you haven't made them even better – thank you, off to re download them again 🙂

  2. Megan

    By chance will you be creating a 3rd grade center bundle? I moved up grades, I use your second grade ones as review, but would love to have on level centers of yours too. Others just don’t add up like your do!

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Megan!

      I do have a 3rd grade math bundle available for purchase in my TpT shop! I have placed the link to this below, thank you for reaching out and have an awesome week!

      Angie Olson
      Lucky Little Learners


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