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What happens when you take a passionate Minnesota teacher who loves creating and using interactive math notebooks and combine her with a California teacher who is full of humor and amazing energy?  You get a beautiful collaboration opportunity!

Sheila from Sprinkle Teaching Magic interviewed me for her Teachers We Love You Tube series and I will admit that I was scared out of my mind!  Put me in front of a room full of 2nd graders and I can be goofy and teach my heart out without any worry or nerves but put a video camera in front of me for my peers and I just may feel like I need to vomit!  I will say that Sheila made me feel very comfortable and after just a few minutes, I felt like I was just chatting with a good friend!  I am so honored that she asked me to be interviewed.  She has interviewed Greg Smedley from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, Amanda Nickerson from One Extra Degree, Christina DeCarbo from Sugar and Spice, need I say more????  Do you follow her You Tube channel because seriously, you don’t want to miss out!  She has some great videos on Classroom Decorations, Classroom Tours, Organizing Student Work, and more!

Here is the interview that she did with me on Interactive Math Notebooks.  I hope that after watching this, you can take away a tip or two that you can bring into your classroom.  Please be kind, I’ve never done an interview like this so I will be the first to admit that I am no pro!  I just like to help other teachers and share ideas!!

Like I’ve said before, I love to collaborate with other teachers and so Sheila and I have decided to host a HUGE GIVEAWAY!  We are taking every single Interactive Math Notebook that I have created and giving away one copy of each to one lucky winner!  Yes, that’s right!  Over 250 pages of interactive math notebook resources my friends!  Make sure to enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to scoop these up for your classroom!!!

Before entering the Rafflecopter, here are just a few sneak peeks at some of the interactive activities that will be included in this giveaway!











Alright, what are you waiting for?  Good luck to you!  I’d love to hear what you think of the interview!  What stands out to you?  What did you take away?  Do you have any additional tips and tricks to add?  I can’t wait to hear from you!!!
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  1. Shannon Porter

    I enjoyed the video. I would have liked to have seen more! I would love to do something like this for first graders. Do you have packets for them or can yours be modified for first graders?

    • Angie Olson

      Thanks Shannon! The original interview lasted about an hour but Sheila needed to cut it down to under 15 minutes! 🙂 My interactive notebooks are geared towards 1st-3rd. There may be a few pages that are for a higher level or could be used as enrichment for your 1st graders!

  2. PJ


  3. Lindsay Boyce

    My first graders love hands-on tasks and anything crafty! I have been struggling with our core math instruction so far this year, but these interactive math notebooks may be just the thing to turn our math block around.

  4. Christy Bassett

    That was awesome Angie! You did such a good job – plus I didn't realize how many of your tips and tricks I user in my own classroom. The glue sponges and keeping my notebooks in bins have been a lifesaver this year. I also didn't know that your click was the first one you did and that is the first one I tried and then got hooked! I totally forgot about making the anchor chat for grading – need to do that this weekend! Plus the complement sandwich! I WANT TO WIN THESE!

  5. Huskergirl

    Thanks for sharing! I'd love to use these with my kiddos.

  6. Sharon West

    I just started using interactive notebooks this year and I will definitely try the glue sponge and taping a baggie to the back of their notebooks. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jackie

    I have just moved to 2nd grade from 1st grade. I have wanted to try interactive notebooks but wasn't sure how to do them. I would love to win these!! You have such fabulous ideas in your video to get me motivated! Would love to use these in guided math groups too! Thanks so much for sharing! Jackie
    [email protected]

  8. Ashley Cook

    I have been loving interactive notebooks this year! Fingers crossed!



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