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How to Make a QR Code

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What are QR codes?
QR codes are similar to bar codes except QR codes can have data embedded in them.  When read using QR code software, the code can open a website, video, text, or even download a file.

How do I scan them?
Most Smart and Android-based devices have the ability to read QR codes.  There are many QR code reader apps that can be installed for free on these devices.  If you don’t have access to these kinds of devices, you can also use a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam.  Simply open the app and hover your device over the QR code so it can scan it.  That’s it!  Super easy, right?

Tips & Tricks
->Laminate your QR code task cards to be used every year.
->Make sure your printer has ample ink so that the codes are printed accurately.
->Try a different QR code reader app if the one you are using isn’t working- sometimes that makes a difference!
->Provide a well-lit environment for you students to work in.

How do I make QR codes?

I have provided you with a step by step tutorial on how to create QR codes.  I promise, they are quite easy to make!  If you have any questions, after watching the tutorial, please comment at the bottom of this blog post and I will get back to you.

If you’d like to pin this post for future reference, I have provided you with an image that will work for your pin to Pinterest!  I have also provided you with an image of my QR Code Task Card Bundle set that can be purchased from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Thanks for stopping over!

Have you ever wondered how teachers make QR codes for their students?  This post gives a video tutorial of how to make QR codes and it's a very easy step by step process.




  1. Ms. Humphrey

    You're awesome! Thank you for this amazing blog post!

  2. Ellen Isaacs

    Hello! Does QR Code Monkey have a limit of how many you can download or how much it can be scanned? Thank you!!

  3. Shannon Porter

    Angie, Thank you so much! I just successfully created one for a presentation I'm giving this next week. You rock!

  4. Elvira

    Thanks a bunch! The world needs more sharing and devoted teachers as you!
    Congrats! ??????

  5. Amanda

    Too awesome! You made qr codes way less intimidating than I originally believed. Thanks!

  6. Ashrita

    Thanks Angie this was a really helpful tutorial.

  7. Ani

    Thank you, thank you, thanks … a thousand times! 🙂

  8. Hudayah

    Thank you so much, helpful


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