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How To Create Custom Toothy Mats

How to Use Toothy, Toothy, What is Toothy?

Written by: Krys Warstillo

Ready to turn student selfies into highly engaging skills practice? Use the Toothy Yourself filter on Facebook & Instagram to create fun and personal mats for your students. Then sit back and watch as the fun of drawing their own teeth gets your students excited to keep practicing. The best part? Once your students have their personal Toothy mats made they can be used with any of the 278 different sets of Toothy cards across all content areas.

How To Create Your Own Toothy Mats

These personal Toothy mats are super easy to create using the Facebook or Instagram app on your phone. Follow the steps below and you and/or your students will be playing in no time! You can watch the video below that has a quick walkthrough or you can follow the steps below.

If you are reading this post on your phone you can click one of these links to go directly to the filter: Instagram or Facebook.

The Easy Peasy Way

Step 1: In the Instagram App click the little sparkle icon on the Lucky Little Learners profile.

Step 2: Select the Toothy Yourself filter

Step 3: Click Try The Filter

Watch the gif below to see how it's done.

Slightly Harder Search Method

Step 1: Open The App

Open the app of your choosing (Facebook or Instagram) and navigate to the Add Post option. You won't be posting but if you do, please tag us! You'll be using pulling up the Toothy Yourself filter and saving your photos from the app.

If you are reading this post on your phone you can click one of these links to go directly to the filter: Instagram or Facebook.

Step 2: Find The “Toothy Yourself” Filter

If you're using Instagram:

  1. Navigate to the little + to add a post.
  2. Select the Story option.
  3. Filters will pop up along the bottom.
  4. Scroll all the way to the right so you can Search for filters.
  5. Search for and select the Toothy Yourself filter.

If you're using Facebook:

  1. Next to the update status bar, select the Add Photo icon.
  2. Click the camera icon to get to selfie mode.
  3. Filters will pop up at the bottom of your screen. Swipe left until you find and then select the magnifying lens icon.
  4. Search for Toothy Yourself and select it.

If you are reading this post on your phone you can click one of these links to go directly to the filter: Instagram or Facebook.

Step 3: Take A Selfie

Once you have the filter selected you can let your students take selfies or you can use the back camera and take photos of your students.

Step 4: Save & Print

After you've got those cute selfied taken save them to your phone. The gifs below show you how to do that based on the app you're using. Once you've got the photos saved print them out and pop them into a reusable plastic sleeve or laminate them.

How To Use Your Toothy Mats

Now that you have these cool personal Toothy mats it's time to put them to use! We've got a huge series of Toothy posts with a lot of great tips but these posts are a great place to start.


  1. Jodi

    Hi! I tried both Facebook and Instagram and could not find the toothy filter. Is it hidden somewhere??? I would LOVE to jse this with my second graders!
    Thank you!

      • Nicole

        I am having the same issue. I went into Instagram myself and I clicked all of the Instagram links and it’s not an option for me

        • Jess Dalrymple

          Hello Nicole! Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to find and use the filter. I hope this helps anyone having trouble with the links!

      • Jennifer Graf

        I was not able to do it on Ista, but found it on Facebook. So fun! I’m making these mats this week!

  2. Jennifer S Graf



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