It’s that time of year when teachers start to feel the stress.  The kiddos are starting to get stir-crazy, teachers are tired, administration is discussing cuts, and the testing season is in full swing.  Does this sound familiar?  Are there days you feel like this?

I woke up this morning, poured my cup of coffee, and sat down at my desk to do some work.  First stop-check my email.  When I get emails from this sweet girl, I can’t wait to open and read them!  Little did I know that it was going to feel like Sheila to the rescue this morning!

Reading through her emails and blog always puts a smile on my face.  Do you read Sheila’s blog or follower her on Instagram because you need to if you don’t!  If you have been reading my blog or following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that positive happy people/words are things that I L.O.V.E.  I DETEST NEGATIVITY!  It sucks everything out of me.  There’s no point to it.  It’s UGLY.  I will come back to my email from Sheila in just a minute (keep reading).

On Monday of this week, I was feeling the negative vibes all around me and it was driving me crazy.  I felt like I needed to reach out and charge up my batteries…fill my bucket.  So, I create this image and threw it out on FB and IG…

The response was overwhelming!  Here are just a few of the replies that I got…

“I love Mondays because my Instagram feed fills up all day with great things happening in all of your classrooms. So inspiring.”

like Mondays because I get to share some of the things I created over
the weekend to see what great ideas my kids can come up with to soar
into our learning for the week!”

“I like Mondays because I am recharged, and my kids are ready to be back to school routines and ready to learn!”

like Mondays because I get to hear all my kids’ stories from the
weekend. I know they will be taken care of at school, and all will be
eating lunch of some sort. I love Mondays because I know my kids are safe
during the school day!!”

like Mondays because my kiddos say, “I missed you, Mrs. Porter. I love
you.” What a way to start the week! You know you are loved and
appreciated. Nothing sweeter than a first grader.”

“I like Mondays because I feel all of my weekend preparations paying off…and my kiddos are focused again!”

Okay…yep…batteries charged back up again!  Side note-THIS is just one example of why I love what I do in this blogging/IG/FB side of my life!  THANK YOU!    

Now, back to my Sheila Jane email.  As I scrolled through her email, I noticed she was announcing that her interview with Miss Tiffany May a.k.a. One Fab Teacher was ready for viewers so OF COURSE I had to watch and I am so glad that I did.  I found myself scrambling for a piece of paper and a flair pen because Tiffany’s words were too powerful and inspiring not to write down!  Friends…I WROTE TWO PAGES OF NOTES!

So, before I go any further, grab yourself some paper, a cup of coffee, and a pen and get ready to SMILE and feel INSPIRED!

Amazing, right?  I would like to close this post with a few thoughts.  Yes, we have hard days and our lives are not perfect.  In fact, they are messy sometimes.  It is up to yourself to CHOOSE HAPPINESS.  This does take work.  But the alternative is draining.

Do you ever hear teachers complain about the “cards” they are dealt?  For example, you were told to move to a different grade level next year.  How would you react?  I think it’s perfectly normal to worry, panic, question things or maybe even have a slight melt down but are you going to let that stay with you or are you going to LET GO and MOVE ON (and EMBRACE IT)?  Or, maybe your school district chooses a curriculum that you don’t agree with.  Are you going to dwell and complain about it or will you make it work in your classroom?  LET GO and MOVE ON.  How about your students?  Maybe you feel like your classroom was the one that “got stacked” with the “tough kids”.  Yes, it might make for a hard year but what are you going to do about it?  Can you change this?  NO.   Does it make it better to complain all year?  NO.  LET GO and MOVE ON.  Make the best of it.  Embrace those kids.  Make it a goal of yours to SUCCEED and CONNECT with these kids.

I really like Tiffany’s advice about taking control of your life and finding your passion.  What is your purpose?  Teachers aren’t going to be happy teaching unless their purpose is clear.  Do you have a purpose?  Seriously.  Stop and ponder that for a moment.

Okay, welcome back.  I hope you had that clear, self-reflecting moment that makes your vision very evident.  If you did, write it down.  Post it in your car.  On your bathroom mirror.  In your classroom.  On the fridge.  Stay focused.  Choose happy.  Make a difference.  Finish the year strong friends.  I leave you with some of Tiffany’s Instagram quotes that I absolutely ADORE…


  1. Tiffany

    My heart is truly filled to the fullest! It was an honor to speak with Sheila! She's such a bowl of happy. Seriously, this post was A M A Z I N G! The reason being is because we can easily get down and stay down but we have to create our happy and find our happy, I love how you immediately attack the negativity and find your positivity. YOU TRULY ARE AN INSPIRATION. If I could teach with you, Lord have mercy!!!! That would be the bomb dot com. Thank you for the realness. You make me smile beautiful.

    • Angie Olson

      Oh man! Just the thought of us teaching in the same school gives me goosebumps! That would be one powerful, happy, and positive force right there! Keep shining your light on everybody Tiffany! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO SO MANY!!!

  2. Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

    Loved your post! I have been pondering my purpose lately and thinking about making a little video to show my 8th graders so they understand why I do what I do. I think it might help them consider theirs so that together we can choose to be positive and not let testing get us down!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

    • Angie Olson

      Wow Lisa! What a great idea! I also think that a video would make them truly realize how important that they are to you, which in turn will make them connect with you more. Gosh, I love your idea! Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Miss Case

    Hi Angie-
    I have to give you a huge THANK YOU for posting this. I have been "dealt" one of those classrooms with the "tough kids" this year. I have never once doubted my abilities to teach them and have never once thought negatively about the situation, but in a few different meetings where district data was analyzed, I started to feel bad about how my students were performing, even though they had made tremendous growth. I always try to be positive but sometimes, as you know based on this post, it's so hard. So thank you for your inspiring message- it has helped me to get back to the place of positivity in knowing that my students ARE learning, no matter how they compare to others. 🙂

    Miss Case's Classroom


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