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Grinch Day

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December is my favorite month of the school year!  So many exciting things happen in December but one that I look forward to every year is Grinch Day!  Prior to Grinch Day I send home a letter to the families that explains Grinch Day.  I send it home so the kids have plenty of time to prepare their outfits!

I love simple room transformations.    In my mind, anything green works for this day!  Green streamers to hang from the doorway, green glitter for the desks/tables/counters, green marker to write the morning message, green paper for student work, you get the idea.  It really doesn’t have to get fancy.  The kids love any change that enhances the magic of the day!  Of course, you can’t forget to dress for the occassion!  Both of these shirts came from Target!

Afterall, it is Grinch Day so we read the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Some teachers prefer to watch the You Tube version of the story.  Regardless, after hearing the story, we complete this anchor chart.  Teacher tip:  laminate your anchor charts for endless use from year to year!

 After lunch, the kids come back from recess to find Grinch Pills waiting for them at their tables.  Any green candy will work, I like to buy the Christmas M&M’s.  Simply attach this printable to the front of a plastic bag and you’re good to go!

 One of the many math and literacy activities we do on this special day is called Stingy Grinch Coin Comparing.  These task cards get hung up around the classroom.  Each student receives a clip board and a recording sheet.  They walk around the classroom looking for these money comparing task cards.  When they solve their task card, they write their answers on their recording sheets.

Those who know me, know that special events that happen in our classroom can’t go by without celebrating with a brag tag.  This brag tag serves the purpose of a visual souvenir from our big day!

 At the end of the day, each child is awarded a certificate of completion.  I know that sounds silly but the day is a busy day and the kids work really hard!  It’s a nice way to end the day!

I have included some of these activities in a FREE file download!  I hope you enjoy using them!  Also, if you love Pinterest as much as I do, I know you’ll appreciate a couple of my favorite holiday Pinterest boards!





  1. Emily Yerty

    Grinch day sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of green paper and green markers for the day- it's so simple but so special! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Now I need to find a grinch shirt 🙂

    Polka Dots Please

  2. Bethany@Math Geek Mama

    This was so cute! And what a great freebie! Thanks for sharing, I'll be sharing with my readers tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Beth LaBonte

    I do a Polar Express theme. We read the book and do literacy and math activities all morning. We all come in our pajamas and have hot cocoa and cookies in the afternoon as we watch the movie. The children all get a golden ticket that I punch for them and a silver bell.


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