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We are here to help!


How do I assign Digital Toothy?

We have put together some videos for you. Whether you are using Google Classroom, SeeSaw, or something else, we will make this easy for you!  Watch videos for a solution.

How do I get audio to work for digital reading toothy?

When students are unable to access the audio files, it is something with your school district’s firewall or student account settings blocking the audio files. I would suggest reaching out to your school or district tech specialist and see if they can help you. Another option would be to use the PowerPoint version of the files and email them to the students as an attachment. That way they would not need to use Google.

Why can't i click the answer choices for digital toothy?

It could be a problem with the student’s device. What device are they using? If they are on an iPad they need the Google Slides app. Perhaps the student is not clicking “present” before starting.

How do I use brag tags virtually?

Great news!  Brag tags can be used as digital stickers!  Watch this video to learn how to do this easily.

How do I get the free digital updates on a purchase?

Most of our resources got a free digital update.  (not including Toothy or Math Puzzles)  You can download the free update by logging into your account and downloading the file again.

Why isn't the force copy working in Google?

The code for Google Classroom is sometimes slow to run (probably especially right now when half the country is using it). The code to create the assignment runs pretty fast, but the script to copy a document is not as fast so sometimes the assignment creation is faster than the attachment creation (aka Toothy). 

The good news is that when students open up the assignment, it should force the attachment to create. If it does not, you can have the students follow these steps to get their copy –

1) Click CLASSWORK tab at the top.
2) Click on the assignment title to expand the assignment.
3) Click on “view assignment”
4) Locate “your work” in the top right corner and you will see the file with your name on it.

How do I use your digital resources with my students?

All of our digital resources include a video tutorial on how to assign the activities to your students.  The video is included in the folder when you download it upon purchase.


What can I do if I am having printing issues?

First, make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader. You can find it here:

Make sure you download the file and save it to your computer before opening it.
It sounds like you are either opening with an old version of Adobe Reader or if you are on a Mac, you may be opening the file in “Preview”. That is often the default setting so be sure to check that. With a Mac, try opening Adobe Reader first (rather than just double clicking on the file), then “open with” the file in Adobe Reader.

If that doesn’t work, try this advice from TpT Tech Support:

1) Open the PDF file with Adobe Reader

2) Click ‘print’

3) Click on ‘advanced’

4) Check the ‘print as image’ box, and this should cover all potential issues

How do I download an update?

The process to download an update is actually quite simple. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Go into your account at
2. Click on My TPT>My Purchases
3. Click on the <insert product name>
4. Click ‘Download Now’ to get the <insert product name>

If you purchased it from my website shop the steps are found below.

1.  Go into your account at
2.  Find the resource
3.  Download it again

Why can't I purchase a TPT resource from my phone?

Unfortunately, the TPT app is not set up to allow for checking out and making purchases. You can wishlist an item though.

If you’d like to purchase from your phone, you can open up a web browser on your phone and do that there or you can checkout from your computer too. 

You can also purchase the exact same resource from my website shop and this can be done from your phone.  Shop here!

Can you send me permission to print your resources at a print shop?

TpT has recently created an automatic link for every purchased/downloaded product that you can show as permission to print.

This can be found by going to “My Purchases” and next to each product there is a “Printable Receipt” link and also, now, a “Printable Printing Authorization” link. 

What do I do If I'm having troubles logging in?

On the page where you would enter your log in information, there’s a spot to click on “forgot password”.

That will walk you through the quick process of getting yourself a new password. 

How can I contact you if I have a suggestion for a resource?

We are always open to hearing from you!  You can contact us at [email protected]