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Close-up Classroom Snapshots (part #2)…

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I’m back for part #2 of my Close-up Classroom Snapshots series!  Today I am showing you more photos of my classroom and tomorrow I will finish this 3-part series with some organization tips through photos!  Make sure you stop back tomorrow for those teacher tips…I LOVE organization!!! 
 This is my teacher desk area.  As you can see, and maybe read from yesterday’s blog post, I love to use primary colors in my classroom.  I am also a HUGE fan of using fabric.  I use it on all of my bulletin boards because it never fades and is more vibrant than paper.  I also use fabric to cover my mess soon-to-be-organized teaching resources!  Behind my desk I have a Handwriting Wall of Fame display.  This has been a great motivator for my students to always be trying to write with their “2nd grade best” handwriting. 
 Organization is key and one way I like to keep my students organized is by assigning each of them with a mailbox.  You can buy the fancy mailboxes from places like Classroom Direct, School Specialty, etc OR you can go to your nearest Target and pick up a shoe organizer.  I think I paid $30 for this one and it works just fine for us! 
 I am extremely blessed to have a bunch of storage in my classroom.  Not only does this area serve as storage space but also a great area for displaying skills that we are working on.  I am obsessed with anchor charts.  I use them ALL THE TIME and like to keep them hanging up around the classroom for my kids to reference.  These doors make for a great display area!
 Here are my monthly birthday posters.  I can’t claim these as an original idea of my own.  When my sister was student teaching, she sent me a photo of her teacher’s posters and then I took some of her ideas and created my own.  I love them because they are bright, free, and a unique way to display my students’ birthdays.  I use permanent marker to write their birthday and at the end of the year I will either write over top of the marker with a dry-erase marker or I use nail polish remover to take off the permanent ink.  Both options work great and then I am ready to go for the next year’s students!
 Did I mention that I like primary colors, organization, and tubs?  Above these cabinets I store things that I don’t use as often.  I like how clean and simple that it looks!
 This is part of my reading area.  We use the Accelerated Reading program at the school that I teach at so all of my books are leveled according to their leveling system.  On the cover of each book you will find a reading level and quiz number.  My kids have been trained to find their “good fit books” and also put them back in the correct tub.  This has been a big time-saver for me and I love how many books I can keep organized in such a small space!
 I created this Teacher Toolkit last summer and it has kept me much more organized this year!  If you want to make one, click HERE to read my blog post about it!  If a para, parent, sub, or student teacher ever needs anything, they no longer have to dig through my messy drawers which I love!
 Yesterday, I posted a similar photo of my magnets and file cabinets but I just had to share this one too because it shows that my students actually do use them and they don’t just sit there for looks! 
This is a photo taken from my guided reading area.  I will go into more detail on this on another post.  As you can see…primary colors, tubs, and organization=LOVE (obsession)!
Lastly, I just wanted to share with you one of my most recent TpT creations!  I created these Valentine Money Messages as a fun and way for your kids to practice their money counting/adding skills during the Valentine holiday.  I don’t know about you buy my kids need continuous review on the money skills.  I like to bring back an activity every now and again so they don’t lose what they’ve already learned!  You can click HERE to find these Valentine Money Messages!  Thanks for stopping by and as always, I love to read your feedback so feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. Mrs. Palmer

    I am also obsessed with organization but my obsession=baskets! I love reading your posts! Also, amazing money message product!


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