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Over the summer, teachers start to think about classroom improvements.  This gets me excited and thinking about the upcoming school year.  Every summer I make a to do list that is a mile long and filled with big plans of what I want to do differently.  At the top of this to do list this summer is my classroom library area.

This is what my classroom reading area currently looks like.  As you can see, I have a blank slate to work with.  Here is where I need your help!  The reading space that I envision having in my classroom is cozy, not too tight, books are easily accessible, colorful, organized, cute labels, and unique.  I consider myself to be an out-of-the-box teacher so no idea of yours will be thought of as crazy!  What are your thoughts?  Suggestions?

Then there’s my chapter books.  I always struggle with how to display these.  I scored this really neat book rack this past year and I love the way it looks.  My only problem with this is that the kids only see the front book cover and rarely dig through these.  Maybe I need to take some time to do a mini-lesson on browsing books?  Do you sort your chapter books by series?  How do you organize them?

We do use the Accelerated Reading program so I do know that this is how I need to organize my books.  Do you know of any cute labels for these tubs?  Do you have a better way of organizing these so they aren’t so crammed into each tub?  Disclaimer:  my hubby will not allow me to bring home anymore books to store in his garage so to empty these tubs and trade them out mid-year isn’t really an option!  #teacherproblems #bookaddiction

This is what my reading area looked like this past year.  It just feels cold and boring!  Can you help me out?  I have a Pinterest board that I have started to pin ideas to if you’d like to check it out or suggest pins to me!  I look forward to seeing your ideas!


  1. Jennifer Graff

    I really like the space you have for your library. I noticed your crate seats. You can use them to define your space. That is what I have in my classroom and my students really seem to enjoy that! I also like how it makes the classroom library feel like its own cozy space.


  2. Emily Yerty

    WOW– I love that chapter book display and the bright colors in your library area! I also have a book obsession! It makes it hard to create a little classroom library that has enough books to fill a real huge library. I also feel like kids can't really see all of the great books hiding in the room. Here is an awesome idea I learned from the Diane Romo of One Giggle. She got pillowcases and tie dyed them so they looked super fun. She put each book bin inside a pillowcase and tied it shut with ribbon. Throughout the year she would open new pillowcases, and the kids were beyond excited to see what books were inside. I know she kept leveled books out for the whole year, but this is a great way to introduce new genres, seasonal books, or new topics. Your post made me think of ways I should be improving my library area too! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Polka Dots Please

  3. The Cutesy Teacher

    Ok first let me say thank you for hosting this linky. Unfortunately, my to-do list is growing with every blog post I read, SO many awesome ideas! Next, I CAN'T wait to follow along with you and Ashley as you stream the conference!! Finally, I think your classroom library is great! I was going to suggest something like the comment above me about introducing and highlighting new books throughout the year. My classroom library ended up in a HUGE mess by the end of the year, so I too am looking for ways to improve my library. I can't wait to see what you end up doing next year 🙂

  4. Becky W

    I am so glad I found this linky…. a little late, but glad I found it! I hate I did not have any pics in my post, but I can't get into my room. Anyways…. as for your library… I have over 1000 books in my library and feel your pain! I have found the past 2 years to organize my books by a combination of authors/themes. If I have a lot of books by a particular author, I put all of those together. However, I have all of my fairy tales, farm books, biographies, etc. together. Now this is where my OCDness comes into play because it bothers me if an author wrote a book that goes into a themed box. However, the kids have not had a problem at all. They are able to find things so easily! I also have a return bin. Kids who stay with me for late bus help me put them back in the right bins. I always have a bin for new books as well as a bin for those that go with a particular topic we are studying. Good luck! I can't wait to keep following you!

    Becky from

  5. Jennifer Reynolds

    My 2nd graders loved my four big bean bags that were tucked in the corners of my library. We pulled name sticks every day–two girls and two boys–and those students got to read and work in them! Another fun aspect of my classroom library is the "Book Buddy" shelf–Chrysanthemum, Lily, Wodney Wat, Frederick–are all stuffed story characters that also come out to sit on laps during Read To Self time!
    Stories and Songs in Second


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