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If you are anything like me, you enjoy seeing others’ homes and organization ideas.  This post is going to show you around some place I love to work and be inspired.  Before I show you my home office, I have to admit that I do not exclusively work from there.  I am one of those people who can work just about anywhere when I am feeling inspired.




So, as you can see, I tend to work wherever I am at when my creativity kicks in.  That being said, I do have a home office as a place to store all of my things.  It’s small…very small.  It’s quiet.  It’s colorful.  It’s creative chaos.  It’s inspiring.  It’s me.

In fact, if you were to come to my house to see my office, you’d think I was crazy if I showed you where this little room is hidden.  Seriously.  It is like my own secret room.  My office is tucked way back through my walk through closet and out the other end it opens up into this little office.  Whenever we do show guests a tour of our home, they are always surprised to see my little room.  And to be honest, I LOVE IT.  It’s my little escape.


It would only be fitting for me to start with my post-its and flair pens.  This is only what you see on my desk.  I have several unopened packages in my desk drawers.  All of my thoughts and creative ideas start here.  Did I mention that I sleep with a pad and pen next to my bed for when I wake up with a random thought or idea?

This is my inspiration board.  It’s kind of like a vision board.  Anything that inspires me, makes me smile, warms my heart, sparks an idea…it goes here!  The items on this board change regularly.  When I change them out, they go into my LOVE file.  The small square photos that you see randomly placed around my office can be ordered from Social Print Studio.  They are very high quality and reasonably priced.  You can use them to print photos from your Instagram, mobile, or desktop.

Oh, Erin Condren…how I love thee!  I love my EC planners.  I have a lesson plan book for school and a personal planner for home/car.  Pictured above you will see two teacher planners because I have already ordered and started decorating my new one!  Any other #teachersobsessedwithplanners out there?  I definitely plan to do a blog post very soon about how I use both of these planners!  If you’d like to receive $10 off your next Erin Condren order, send me an email over at [email protected] and I’ll get you hooked up with a refer a friend discount code!

Erin Condren doesn’t just sell planners either!  I bought this weekly organizer that sits on my desk and I’m loving it!


Do you ever wonder what other teachers read in the summer?  Here are just a few that are on my list!  There is also one very important book to add to this collection that I have not yet received but it is coming!  Have you read Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller?  My friend, Greg Smedley, is hosting a book study this summer and I guarantee you that it will be A-MA-ZING!  There are over 200 teachers signed up for this book study.  Can we say EPIC?  If you’d like to sign up and join us, here is a link to the Google Form!

More decor…picked up these three items at Hobby Lobby.  The photo is of my sweet little Molly girl when she was a newborn.  It’s a good and constant reminder about how fast kids grow up and to not miss out on the opportunities to enjoy them!  Did I mention that she is four already?!


I had to include this piece in my post.  It’s one of my favorite decor items in my house.  I use it to store and organize my receipts for taxes, mail, and bills.  So yeah, nothing exciting inside but it’s cute!  I picked it up at a local shop.

Alright, so there you have it…my little corner of the home where the magic happens!  I hope you enjoyed my little tour.


  1. Meghan Harris

    I was a hardcore EC lover too until I left the traditional classroom and decided I needed a blogger planner. I adore your home decor! Everything looks so pretty! Thanks for letting me join in your fun linky!

  2. Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    Ok I'm not sure what I love more….Brandon's SPOT ON comment about working in every room of the house, the fact that that comment inspired you, OR the fact that {add the car} I WORK THE EXACT SAME WAY!!! Seriously…sometimes blogging while dinner cooks. #fact #bloggybesties for life. I can't WAIT to come and visit you to see your beautiful escape of an office!!!! <3

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  3. Pamela Wendt

    Oh I absolutely love that you have a secret room for your office! That is just so very cool and Agatha Christie!
    I also love your wonderful combination of cozy and creative :o)
    (P.S. Raising my hand – another planner addict here, and Erin Condren is one of my go-to places for fixes!)

  4. jivey

    I love your office!! (In all the places it might be!) I like working out on my screened-in porch too, to hear the birds and get some fresh air. Thanks for the opportunity to link up!
    (ps I replied to your comment on my blog because your email came up as a no-reply blogger… in case you didn't know!)

  5. Amy S

    Beautiful! I love you have a hidden space to work!

  6. Melissa Dailey

    I love this, Angie! It is so pretty! The inspiration board is my FAV! I will have to get one of those when we move! Hopefully next spring! Thanks for everything that you and Ashley do to bring us teachers together! We've got to stick together and support one another! I'm already looking forward to July's linky!

    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  7. Mrs 3rd Grade

    I love your sweet pictures you have all over your office!! I had pictures all over my desk at school for this same reason! Our sweet babies grow up WAY too quickly!! Time does fly when you're having fun!! Love your little corner though! It's perfect!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  8. Jayme

    I love your post, Angie! It's so true wherever inspiration hits is where I tend to work. I love your home office and all of the personal touches that you put into it. Your family pictures and inspiration board are precious. I love the paper organizer for receipts, taxes, and other papers. It's such a great way to organize not so fun things in an adorable way! Thank you so much for hosting, I can't wait for next month!

    Teach Talk Inspire

  9. Jessica Plemons

    I love your cozy little space! It's kind of cool that it is tucked away like a private little retreat. And I spy a cute Thank You note on that inspiration board! 😉 Love that I barely knew you when I was paired with you for secret santa, but now I cannot WAIT to meet you in person! Happy SUmmer!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  10. Donna

    Your inspiration board is amazing and I'm envious of that metal thingy you put your mail & bills in! Love it! Thanks so much for hosting this linky!
    Learning at the Teacher Table

  11. Jillian Starr

    Oh Angie! I love your many work spaces! Can I just come over and hang out on your porch with you and blog? I promise not to distract you (much!) Thank you for hosting such a fun link up! I can't wait to come back next time!
    The Starr Spangled Planner

  12. YearntoLearn

    Beautiful porch office. I also love your pinboard in your secret office space.

  13. Jennifer Reynolds

    I may have to create my own inspiration board with quotes and pictures! Your cozy, creative space suits you my friend! Thanks so much for this monthly opportunity to share and learn with such awesome teacher-authors! Continue to sparkle and shine your light on others!

  14. Bagby

    Thank you for co-hosting this linky. It really helped me get me act together to get a space of my own. I love your space! It is so cute and I LOVE the fact it is a secret hidden room. I can't get over how well everything fits and goes together in your room.

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  15. Jane

    I love the way you have everything organised, I really need to get my act together.


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