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Busy in Room #306

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My students have been busy little rock stars as I have been getting to know them over the past two weeks.  We are working hard on building a community, strengthening routines and procedures, and learning a ton along the way!  I just had to joke with my kids a little bit with this shirt I wore the other day…it was the best behaved day we’d had yet!  Ha!  Ha!  Maybe I need to wear this shirt every day?  😉  Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to in room #306…

We have been all about anchor charts this year and I don’t see this slowing down at all!  I keep a pad of anchor chart paper at home and have found that this has helped me find the time to make them more eye-appealing…especially the ones I plan to hang all year!  I did a Periscope broadcast the other day and you can catch the replay HERE!

We started our interactive notebooks today and I am reminded, yet again, why I take the time to train my kiddos how to assemble these!  It is time well spent on a math tool that produces amazing learning from my students!  We chose and assembled our covers today.  I spend a little bit of time doing this so the kids develop some pride and ownership in their notebook.  I also like to get them feeling excited about their INB!  Today my students reviewed addition strategies for their math test coming up.  The photo above shows how easily interactive notebook activities differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all your learners.  As their teacher, it is a quick and easy way for me to know where each child is at with their math skills.  By the way, you can pick up the interactive notebook covers for FREE in my TPT Store!

We broke out the shaving cream today to practice word families…both real and nonsense words!  So much fun and we now have squeaky, clean tables!

Our writer’s workshop is in full swing!  My students are up to 20 minutes of writing time and getting really excited about publishing their first book!  Inside of each student’s writing folder is a word wall, sight word list, and composition notebook.  The folder will be used to store their published books as well.  The labels are editable and made for every subject that could use a journal, notebook, or folder.  Today was day one of writing our book A Day in the Life of a Second Grader.  We started the pre-writing stage by making a word web.  Tomorrow we will take a piece of the word web and write our rough draft of page one.  Stay tuned…

Another piece of writer’s workshop that I am using this year is our Reader’s Response Journals.  I really like the way that they are working themselves into their reading time.  We have a lot of plans of how to use these this year but so far we have used them to identify character traits, define setting, and write about our favorite part of a “good fit book” that we are reading.  Tomorrow we will use these for writing about problem & solution.  You can get these covers FREE by clicking HERE!

We also had a special visitor come to see us last week.  Our friend, Mrs. Holloway, stopped in on Thursday to check out our learning in 2nd grade.  She wanted to see how we go about our day and use technology that we infuse into our learning.  Mrs. Holloway is a professor at Bemidji State University and plans to come back to visit us throughout the year.  Here she is showing our class where she lives in Canada!

Lastly, I leave you with two of my favorite teacher tools from this past two weeks.  BRAG TAGS and a WIRELESS DOOR BELL!  You can read all about my brag tags HERE.  The wireless doorbell is a huge piece to my classroom management system.  I attach this to my lanyard.  When I make the “magic sound” my class knows to stop, freeze, and put their hands on their head.  It’s honestly like magic!  Have a great week!


  1. Wendy Borstein

    I love the wireless doorbell idea! I would love to be a fly on the wall in your room and see how you make all of this work.

  2. Olive

    Great working! Seems that the kids and you are enjoying the time together ! really nice !


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