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 I finally have the time to sit down to write this post that I have been wanting to write since I got back from Atlanta.  I will admit that it did take me awhile to wrap my head around all of the awesome-ness that the weekend entailed.  I would like to start this post with how we started the trip.  Kayla from Top Dog Teaching came with me on this adventure and it started out quite eventful.  I would say that her Instagram post stated it perfectly “Well, our luggage is somewhere at the Chicago airport and we are checked in at a random hotel for the night.  Do you love our fancy PJs?  They look like the clothes we wore all day teaching.  #missedourflight #notourfault #teacherfriends”

 As you can see, all of the travel problems were well worth the wait!  We were able to squeeze so much into this weekend, it makes my head spin!  I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less from a group of 50 teacher bloggers that haven’t seen each other in months, if ever, in person!  I tried to describe the intensity of the passion and sense of understanding we all have of each other and it’s honestly hard to put into words.  Although I don’t see these women on a regular basis, the emails, IG messages, Vox conversations, and Facebook comments are a normal, everyday thing and it is as if we all have known each other for years!  We enjoyed breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates.  We toured the World of Coke and the Atlanta Aquarium.  We drank lots of coffee and had plenty of chat time.  We even went to a comedian one night for a night out on the town.

But, the real reason that brought all 50 of us together was because of the ED Expo 2015.  I was one of 50 bloggers chosen to fly to Atlanta to visit booths, play with products, and network with education vendors from all over!  My task was to compile a top ten list of products and at the end of the day, our top ten lists were turned in and reviewed.  A master top ten twelve (there were two ties) was put together and you can read about these products in a blog post I wrote after I got home.

Here is a photo of most of our group from the ED Expo.  What a blast and an amazing opportunity to network with companies and vendors!  I am looking forward to bringing you some great giveaways soon!  Thank you Sherron Washington from ED Market for choosing ME!

Another HUGE, HUGE, HUGE BONUS to being in Atlanta was that the fabulous Georgia bloggers put together a blogger meet up this same weekend for us to all attend!  Can you see now why I say “Back up to Cloud Ten I go”?  Again, words can’t describe how amazing this entire trip was for me!  It just confirms that I have definitely found a true and genuine passion of mine!  A new blogger gentleman that I met that night really put everything into perspective for me.  We were talking about how kind, compassionate, and generous the blogging community is and also how crazy it seems that I would fly across the country to do something like this.  His response, “opportunities such as these outweigh the fears.”  YES!  That comment nailed it!  A shy, introvert like myself does not hop on an airplane and fly across the nation to meet people that I don’t know…except when the opportunity outweighs the fear!  LOVE!

Oh wait!  As if there wasn’t already enough crammed into my weekend, there’s one more MAJOR opportunity!  The bloggers were invited to attend the keynote speaker session and when I heard it was Kim Bearden, I knew I had to be there!  This woman knows how to inspire!  A speaker that can make you cry, laugh, have ah-ha moments, and leave feeling inspired and ready to tackle the field of education is one powerful and talented person!  #lovewhatIdo #backuponmycloud


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