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Any other IG lovers out there???

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When I first started this blog I was so excited to build my followers and network with other teachers that were passionate about some of the same things as myself.  I poured my heart and time into this blog at the beginning and was getting discouraged when I wasn’t getting the response that I had hoped to receive.  I wanted to reach more teachers than I was reaching!  A few months passed by and I stumbled across Instagram.  
Initially I had used Instagram to edit my personal photos that I would upload onto Facebook.  Later it occurred to me that I could be utilizing Instagram to network with other teachers!  Can I just say that I LOVE Instagram!  I have a huge network of teachers that I now am close to and love to share ideas with…it’s like a virtual PLC!  If you have a smart phone and aren’t on IG yet, you need to be!  Instagram is truly a jackpot resource for teachers!
So, what do I like to post on my Instagram account?  Let me give you a sneak peek into my IG account…

I post about ideas other teachers can use in their classrooms…

I post a little bit about me as a busy teacher mom and wife…

I also post quotes that inspire me in and out of the classroom…

 So, are you on Instagram yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Don’t hesitate.  Just jump in and join today.  Once you have an account, make sure to follow me @luckylittlelearners and then leave me your IG handle in the comment section below this blog post!  I’d love to connect with you soon!


  1. Mrs. Greenberg

    I love those "selfies" for conferences! What material did you use so they sit in the chairs so nicely?

    • Angie Olson

      I used tag board for the paper and then I taped a ruler to the back of each drawing. This helped with keeping them upright the entire night! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback!

  2. TeacherTeacher

    I love your student selfies. I recently had my parent open day and tried to keep things simple and cheap. I think I'll add this idea to my list for later in the year! Thanks, Hayley

  3. Melissa

    Love the selfies!! What did you have laying out at their desks?


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