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2nd graders LOVE Rusty!

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For the past three years Rusty has been one of the first things that we do to welcome our school day.  Every morning we like to start our morning meeting with watching Rusty’s character lesson for the day.  This is Rusty

If you have never watched one of Rusty’s videos you have go to go to his website and check it out!  Click HERE to access his website.  He offers some free videos for you to try out with your class so that if you enjoy them, you can purchase the subscription.

Rusty believes that safe schools and classrooms require 3 things:   connection, relationships and basic social skills.

and classrooms that encourage interpersonal connections, healthy
relationships & social skills training will reduce bullying and get
better academic results.

Teachers who foster healthy
relationships have more teachable time. Students who feel connected to a
learning community do better in school. If you want to reduce bullying,
get better results and give every student the skills they need to
really succeed, Rusty can help.

The daily 1 minute videos,
weekly activity sheet and 24-hour community forum help create learning
communities based on healthy relationships, mutual respect and high

For more information regarding Rusty, I highly encourage you take a few minutes to check out his website.  I feel so passionately about the impact that he has on my kids that I purchased this subscription out of my own pocket.   The school district that I currently work for is not familiar with Rusty YET so they have not provided this for their classrooms.  I hope to, one day, change this so that all the classrooms in the school that I work in can benefit from him.  I tell you this information not to have you compliment me or tell me how good it is that I pay for this service but instead to show you how much I believe in the difference he can make and I think he can make this difference for your kiddos too!


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