25 Periscope Tips to Help you #flipthecamera

Periscope is an amazing way to connect, collaborate, and build relationships with other educators.  This blog post will give you 25 quick tips that will help you navigate Periscope and make it successful for you!

Hey friends!  Periscope has taken over the teaching world and we couldn’t be more excited about this!  Ashley and I dove into the Periscope world when we got to Vegas, July 8-12, 2015, for the Teacher Pay Teachers Conference.  We did our research, lurked countless Periscope accounts and broadcasts, and were determined to take Periscope and do everything in our power to make this movement go viral.  Great news…the response was OVERWHELMING and AMAZING!

Teachers were blowing up Instagram and Twitter with Periscope announcements and shout outs, the hashtag #periscopeteachers was on fire, teachers were inspired by our broadcast about the importance of collaborating and networking with other educators to find their tribe, inspiring collaboration quotes were being shared, TPT employees were hopping onto our broadcasts, and teachers from all over the world started hashtags and Facebook groups such as #firstgradetribe, #aussieteachertribe, and #georgiateachertribe.

The purpose of this blog post is to hopefully convince you of the importance of using Periscope to connect with educators around the world and to offer you tips and tricks to navigating Periscope.  We also want to encourage you to FLIP THE CAMERA!  We want to see your face!  Don’t worry about make up, dressing up, or looking good.  We just want to see YOU!  That is the beautiful thing about Periscope.  True personalities, passion, and energy is shown and that right there is a beautiful thing!  So, here we go…25 TIPS TO HELP YOU #FLIPTHECAMERA…

1.  Write an interesting profile description and include a real photo of yourself for your profile picture.
2.  Use catchy titles.  Emojis and hashtags are your friend.
3.  Link your broadcasts to your Twitter account for more viewers.
4.  Tap the screen to give hearts when watching good broadcasts- it helps encourage!
5.  SHARE broadcasts you are watching.
6.  Be involved.  Engage with other viewers and the speaker.  Comment.
7.  Engage and interact with other viewers to make connections and gain followers.
8.  Turn your notifications on to hear the whistle when your favorite Periscopers go live!
9.  It helps to give an announcement on your social media outlets to make others aware that you are going live.
10.  CONTENT.  CONTENT.  CONTENT.  Please bring SOMETHING to the Periscope session when you go live.  Viewers will stick around and be more apt to come back to you!
11.  Engage with your viewers.  Encourage questions and comments.  Respond.
12.  Double tap the screen to flip it around- we want to see your face as much as we can!  We want to get to know you!
13.  Create a list of bullet points on paper to help you stay focused.
14.  You can view the number of hearts that each person gave during each broadcast.
15.  Remember details about your viewers.  Once I am done with a Periscope session, I grab a pen and paper and write down names and details of people who are very interactive with me.  It helps for future interactions.
16.  Inappropriate viewer making comments.  Block them by touching the comment and then click on block user.
17.  Be consistent with the frequency of your Periscope sessions.
18.  Share your quality Periscope sessions onto your other social media platforms.  Use a bitly link to see how often this is being clicked.
19.  Use good lighting.
20.  Purpose:  network, connect, and build relationships with others.
21.  Watch replays and encourage your viewers to come back to your account to watch replays.
22.  Comments can’t be given during replays but hearts can.
23.  Periscope sessions can be shared with specific people if you want to do a scope with limited viewers.
24.  When the camera is being flipped back and forth, the screen will go black and mute your voice for about 2 seconds.
25.  Be you.  Don’t be scared.  The Periscope educator community is so positive and supportive.  Come join us!!!

*If you haven’t followed Ashley and I yet, our Periscope usernames are:  @Mrs. Schroeder and @Lucky Little Learners  See you there!


  1. Tessa Miller-Schweder

    Awesome!!!! You two are amazing!! Thanks so much for bringing us Vegas. And I love that you used my picture! You two are inspiring!!!!!!

  2. Christina @ Hanging Around In Primary

    Thank you for the awesome tips. I was trying to watch the broadcast but I lost connection so I am so glad I can read them here. I am going live myself today and a totally nervous but promise to flip the camera and share about me.

    Thank you for sharing about this awesome new way to connect!

    Christina Periscope: @hangingardinPrimary
    Hanging Around In Primary

  3. Jennifer

    Your broadcast this morning was amazing, thank you so much for all of the tips! I couldn't comment on the broadcast because it was too full…how awesome is that! Thanks again for all of the tips, you gave us A LOT to think about!
    The Blessed Teacher

  4. Maggie Maslowski

    I'm so glad that I caught your periscope broadcast. I just dived into periscoping yesterday. Wow, isn't technology amazing…when we know how to use it effectively? Thanks for sharing your #EduAmazing Genius. We need to share and share and share to be better….practice makes progress. Love your bubbly personality. Your students are lucky learners!

  5. Jeannie

    Loved this broadcast this morning. Such good tips. I'll be making my first broadcast soon. Eeeek! So nerve wracking. Loved your bubbly personality!

    Teaching is Full of Surprises

  6. Neat Sweet and Hard to Beat

    Thank you for all of these tips! It was so great to hear you elaborate on your broadcast this morning! I love your advice and being you! I feel like I have known you forever because you are you on your broadcasts! 🙂

    Neat Sweet & Hard to Beat

  7. Mary

    Thank you for all the tips! I just finished my first periscope and I can only hope to get better!

    Teaching Special Kids

  8. Katie Millard

    Loved these tips! 🙂 Thank you! I enjoy watching your broadcasts! I'm hopefully doing my first one tomorrow.

  9. Adventures with Miss A

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips. I am soo excited for this new media platform!


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